Sometimes you don’t get to know you had unfollowed you after accepting the request on Instagram. Instagram is a social networking site which allows you to share multiple photos and videos. Here you can create your account and then get started. Instagram itself will not message you that these persons have unfollowed you from their account.


You have to check the unfollow users on your own. You will see a change in your profile when you checked on the last time that your followers are decreasing and then you want to know who that person is then you can choose other tools to help you out.

How to Know who Unfollows You by Yourself?

You can compare the following and the followers of your account. You can check the following friends with the followers’ friends that who a friend is not on your followers’ list. In case you find your followers are decreasing then you can go through the above instructions to know who had unfollowed you.

It will take a lot of time, and this is not a practical way. In case you have many followers in your Instagram account then you have to keep patience to do this work.

Using a tool instead of doing by you will not take that much time, it will tell that follower name in only a few minutes. You can leave that tool installed on your phone so that it keeps a record of all your followers and following.

What Are the Tools to Track Your Instagram Followers?   

You can use the given tools to track your followers and know who unfollow you from their account. You can do it by yourself because this will take a lot of time and you will still not get a successful result.

Follow Meter Application

The application helps you to keep a record of your followers and following in a very fastest way. It deeply checks your Instagram account and then tells you about that person who unfollows you. It will search for those users you had like your post daily and view the posts liked by your followers.

It will suggest a new user of Instagram so that you can increase your followers by sending them a request. Follow meter application supports both the Apple and Android devices. If you use this tool then you can easily find that user name which had unfollow you.

Followers Trackers Pro Application

This app is free to use as it shows up your unfollowers and suggests you the profile of the new user. It keeps a record of three applications in your phone in one time. This app reminds you to follow the user back who had sent you the friend request already.

You should have an account on Instagram to use this app on your phone. You can only add 50 thousand followers in one Instagram account.

Follow Cop Follow Cop help you to show your account more visible to other users. You can insert three more Instagram accounts through this application. This will show you the user name who had to unfollow you recently. By the help of this application, you can insert favourite friends in the white list folder by moving their username into the left side on your phone.

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How to Hide Facebook Posts From Your Friends

Want to hide your Facebook post from annoying people? Then it might be possible by going to the “Privacy” page which will allow you to hide the pictures, videos or links from that particular person. The significant part is that your other Facebook friends can view the post you had uploaded but only the selected person will not able to view. In case you wish to hide the “Status Update” from the annoying people so that they can’t view your Facebook post, then go through the following given steps.


Steps for using Facebook from the system

•    Press into the option “What’s on your mind?’ section and follow the given instructions before you start writing the status. You will see a white color option on the right-hand column to an azure color “Post” option underneath the edit box you wish to write your Facebook status inside it.

•    Tap on the option given on the right to the symbol located in the right-hand column to

the “Post” option. This option will indicate “Friends” page.

•    Select “More Options” button given on the “Who Should See This” page which appears on your screen. After that, choose the “Custom” option.

•    The page of “Custom Privacy” option will come on your screen, and there are two sections which indicating “Share With” and “Don’t Share With.”

•    Type the username of that person with whom you don’t wish to share the post of your

Facebook account whether it is you videos, profile picture or album and adding the username of that person into “Don’t Share With” section.

•    In case you wish to add many usernames into “Don’t Share With” option, then in case you had already created a list of Facebook account friend then it becomes easier to you to select the username from the list of your Facebook account friends.

Steps for using Facebook from the smartphone

•    Press the “Status Update” option or click the “Status” option located on the upper side of the “Facebook news feed” page.

•    Click the “Friends” option located at the upper side of the “Status” menu box, below your Facebook username.

•    Select “Friends Expect” option given on the menu list which comes on the screen.

•    Choose the “Friend Username” so that you can’t view their post on Facebook. In case you click on their username, a red highlight is showing on the Friend username located on the upper column of the display.

•    Press the “Done” button after completing the step mentioned above.

•    Verify the step by clicking the “Done” button given on the “Share With” display. You will observe the changes done to the “friends” option which turn into “Friends Expect” option once you return to the “Status Update” display. Finish the post so that you can upload it on your Facebook account.

In case you wish to put a limit on links, pictures, or videos so that the person cannot see that things on your Facebook with whom you don’t wish to share, it can be done by following the same step which is mentioned above.


The lock symbol cannot be view till you press the “Attach” option. When pressing “Attach” option, a clean sheet will come on the screen and here you can write any comment. Press the “Lock Symbol” before writing the comment or before you tap the “Share” option.

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How to HD Video Calls Somebody on Skype

Skype allows you to chat with your loved ones. You can do voice or video calls your friends through Skype. If your friend lives outside your country, then it will help you to get free service by using its video call feature. You can connect multiple calls at one time, and you can create a group by adding your friends to it.



Skype support HD video is calling to your friends. With the speed of your system and internet connection, the camera of Skype should have a good quality of the camera. If your Internet connection is not that much good, then Skype camera will also not work great with it.

This will show you the blur screen if your Wi-Fi speed is not working correctly. This will be a great benefit for you if the internet works properly and the Skype camera too.

Go through the given steps to Video Call somebody on Skype:

You can video call somebody on your system, web browser, iOS, and tablet. If you want to do a good quality video call on Skype then follow the given steps that are listed below:

Skype on Your System

•    Go to the call tab located in the left area of Skype.

•    Move that person with whom you like to video call given on the phonebook of your Skype account.

•    Choose the video tab located on the right side of the contact with whom you like to have a video call.

Skype on Your Web Browser

•    Go to the recent chat of that person or select a contact.

•    Press the video call tab given on the right side of the display.

Skype on iOS and Tablets

•    Go to the “Calls” list at the end of Skype.

•    Search for that contact with whom you wish to have a video call.

•    Click the camera symbol located on the right side of that contact.

If the above steps will not work then choose the additional method to video call somebody on Skype by the system or smartphone is same as the step in the web browser, which is to go to a conversation with that contact and after that choose the video calling tab given on the right column of the display.

How to Download the Updated Version of Skype?

If you want to video call somebody in high dimensional, then you must check you are using the updated version of Skype. As we you don’t have the latest version, the Skype will not allow you to access its feature.

This will be the reason for not having a high dimensional video call as the Skype does not support the oldest version of it. If you do not update the Skype application already then open the Skype application, Choose “Help” option given on the top of the screen and after that, choose to see the latest version of Skype. If you want to use the high dimensional feature of Skype to see the clear picture of your loved one in video call then first update the Skype application then make a video call to someone. In case you don’t update the Skype this will continuously show you an error that Skype is not responding.

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How to Fix iPad Black Screen Issue?

What will you do if your iPad gets attached on a “black screen” and it gives you no response? This will be a nightmare. Users can apply many fixes for making your iPad work again. Start with the most straightforward solutions and then we will move towards the tougher ones.


  1. Begin with the “power button”

You might have tried this already. Now try to press and hold Sleep/Wake button. Press it for a minimum of “30 seconds”. At least till you see the logo of Apple. Follow the given steps if it is  not working well.

  1. Consider changing the battery

Your iPad got a black screen issue? The most prominent issue can be depletion of battery. iPad has no power for displaying the symbol of lightning charging. Allow your iPad to charge for a minimum of 20 minutes or overnight. It is ok to use iPad during open charge, but as you encountered any issue, avoid using it while on charge.

  1. How to fix this battery issue?

If the issue is drained battery, then it is a recurring issue. Maybe the culprit is your battery. Just head over to Settings>Battery and go down for seeing the usage. Applications that consume battery will be at the top. The percentage will be written at side. If you notice that an app is draining more battery, then uninstall the app.

  1. Look for the Charging Port

You might haven’t noticed it yet, but this can be an issue. It is possible that the charging point is dirty and your equipment isn’t getting proper charging. Maybe dirt is accumulated inside the port. Whenever you push charging port to the device, you compress dirt. Take help of a wooden toothpick, non-metal tool etc. for dislodging the dust.

  1. Adjust screen brightness

Maybe iPad is on, but you are unable to see the display because the brightness is set too dim. Ask Siri to enhance the brightness of the screen by pulling up the bottom menu. Increase the intensity by moving the slider. On the uppermost right-hand list, swipe down for accessing the brightness of the screen.

  1. Go for a system restart

Restart your system, and you will get out of this issue quickly. Restarting will not erase data, but it will force a reboot. Just hold both Sleep/Wake buttons and Home button for 15 seconds at least. You will see the logo of Apple to see the iPad coming back to life.

  1. Burping the iPad

Sounding funny? But it is not, many of the iPad users have forums that burping helps in making connections. Ensure that the iPad is off before you try burping. Safely coat the back and front of your iPad by a towel. Pat the spine of iPad like a baby. Do this for a minute when you start unbundling iPad. Attempt to turn it on repeatedly. If your issue is fixed by now, then you might be having a hardware issue.

  1. System Update

Tried all the fixes above? iPad screen is still black, go for a system update. You just need to have a PC, Mac or computer including the freshest version if iTunes. Join the “iPad charger” to Computer and iPad. Go to iTunes and tap and continue both the Sleep/Wake and Home button. Don’t move till you start seeing recovery mode screen. Choose the update right when you look at the option to Update or Restore.

  1. System Restore

The last left resort is system restore. Doing this will leave you with no data on “your iPad”. Have a backup of everything on the cloud, then recover all data. Learn to recover all of your data by online sources else your data will be lost.

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Dangers of Opting For Face Unlock

Switching on the smartphone with the help of your face may look super simple and convenient, but there are some dangers associated with it. When iPhone X came with this feature, people were extremely excited. In order to unlock your phone using facial recognition, you just have to glance at it. It is the fact that all of us know.


Don’t use face unlock!

  • Fact

Many people assume that Apple was the company to first launch this feature but it isn’t true. Truth be told, it was launched by some other company but after the Apple company included in its products other brands also started imitating it rapidly. And this way unlocking the smartphone using facial recognition spread all over.

  • Avoid facial recognition feature to stay super safe

In some instances, people may get stuck while using facial recognition for unlocking the phone. So to avoid it, Apple has spent plenty of money and resources. It even tried to make this facial recognition unlock feature super fast as compared to other smartphone companies.

  1. In some of the smartphones, facial recognition unlock is wholly based on front cameras and not even good upgraded technical parts used for making such camera work efficiently.
  2. Some cheap smartphones include this feature just for the namesake.
  3. For instance, thieves can crack the facial recognition feature with the help of images of the smartphone owner.

This may lead to the stealing of personal information like pictures, songs or the notes that have been on your gadget.

  1. Thankfully, fingerprint sensor, zig zag password, alphabetical, numerical or alphanumeric password are also present on gadgets for alternative use.
  • Don’t follow any trend blindly

Many people think that using ‘facial recognition lock’ is a trend. If you too feel the same- then you should surely make use of facial recognition feature for daily use, but I suggest you do it after checking it out properly.

You can check it out with the help of using pictures. So if it opens your smartphone with it then mark that your facial recognition lock is not trustworthy and that you cannot rely on it for complete safety. It is worth noting because this will prevent you from losing your private details. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Don’t ever compromise with your safety.

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How to Effectively Switch From Android To iPhone?

If planning to switch from an Android to an iPhone, then it’s a right decision. Getting confused about what to do next? Read this blog carefully to know about some of the significant steps that you should take before dumping your Android to phone for an iPhone.


Things to do before swithcing from Android to iPhone

  1. Software: iTunes

Most people do use iTunes for having a good set of music and movies.  But it has one more important function- if you require to transfer documents from your Android smartphone to the iPhone then iTunes will make this task simple for you to do.

  • Thankfully, it is accessible to Apple users without any type of charges. It can be used by installing it on your device.


  1. Synchronize text to your PC
  • Ensure that all important data on your Android gadget is synchronized to your system before changing to iPhone.
  • This should comprise things like your music playlist, contacts, videos, and images.
  • Doing back up of all important items from your smartphone to your system is necessary to stay at safe side.

What can get transferred?

  • Music

For some music lovers, they like to have their favorite songs to be with them always.

  • Luckily, most of the time all songs can get a transfer by putting the songs to iTunes and synchronizing it to the iPhone.
  • ‘Windows Media’ files will not work on iPhone, so it’s good to put them to iTunes, change them to MP3 and after that synchronize them.
  • It is worth noting that Windows Media files with Digital Rights Management may not work in iTunes so you will also not be able to change them as well.


  • Applications
  • There is a difference between the two kinds of smartphones- Android applications don’t work on the iPhone, and even iPhone applications don’t work on Android applications.
  • Thankfully, some Android applications support iPhone versions these days. In this case, you require to go through the Play Store for getting applications that you like a lot.
  • Although the iPhone versions of the applications are present, your stored information may not be available on it.
  • If the application supports you to make an account then only you can have the data on your iPhone.
  • Some applications save your information on the smartphone itself. In such cases there are more probability of losing your information that you stored on iPhone.

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Fortnite: How to accomplish Season 7 Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges

Fortnite is ongoing with its Season 7 Week 9 challenges and events in which players have to complete a variety of daily tasks and quests in order to achieve awesome rewards and prizes.

This new week has brought a number of tasks like using the Sneaky Snowman item or getting on the Storming X-4 aircraft. But in addition to these tasks, a new series of the quest is also available for the fans.


For this week’s Battle Pass challenges, players are required to locate specific structures in the game map and dance on them. These structures include the Sundial, the Giant Metal dog head and the Oversized cup of coffee.

This challenge event of dancing on the top of different buildings is undoubtedly not one of its kind and dedicated players of Fortnite will indeed relate to this event and would be able to spot some of the locations. Still, all the players who have recently joined Fortnite would find it difficult to accomplish this event.

So in order to complete this week’s Battle Pass challenges you are required to spot and dance on the three different locations, which will grant you a new battle Star.

The first location in the list of places where players have to dance is the Sundial, which is situated at the deserted part of the Fortnite map. This Sundial is made up of various logs and vehicles placed in a systematic order and resembles with the actual clock.

You will have to head to the southeast of Paradise Palms and reach up to the small mountain to locate the Sundial location. Or you can also choose to take the Fatal Fields route to reach at the Sundial location as the first mountain from that direction leads to the designated place.

As players reach this location and dance on the mountain, the Sundial challenge would be accomplished, and gamers can then head to the second assigned structure.

The Oversize Cup of Coffee is the second location where gamers are required to perform a dance move. This object is located at the Dusty Divot and is quite massive in size so locating the oversize cup won’t be that difficult.

As you reach the top of the Dusty Divot, you will spot a giant cup with Dusty Dines text on it. Create a ram and reach the top of the cup and then perform your dance move on it.

After completing your task at the second location, players will now require to go to the Giant Metal Dog Head, which is precisely located at the entry gate of the Junk Junction.

This third location is the easiest location to spot, and even the noobs would not miss this location. Now all you need to do is go straight to the Giant Dog Head and dance at the top of it.

As you successfully dance on the third object, you will accomplish all the required tasks for this challenge, and the player will be liable to obtain a Battle Star, which could later be traded to receive higher Battle Pass.

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