How to Setup and Use Plex on your Mac

Want to enjoy this server media player on your Mac? You can directly add a new library to your Plex from your Mac and also from online servers. Plex also offers a paid premium Plex pass for its premium services.


Here is how to set up and use Plex on your Mac:

How to set up your server

1.    Click on the ‘Plex’ app of your Mac to open it. Launching the Plex app will open your web browser and take you to the Plex server.

2.    Choose a method to download from the sign in page.

3.    Click on ‘CONTINUE WITH EMAIL’ and enter your Plex account details to sign in. If you want to use your Google or Facebook account for sign in, then you can choose them as well. Enter the credential of the account you are using for signing in to open server.

4.    On the server page, you’ll see an option to purchase Plex pass which is for the premium feature. You can view more details for Premium features Pass and also about membership or close it by clicking on the ‘X’ button.

5.    After that, go to the Server Setup page, click on the ‘NEXT’ button to on this page. The media server will start running on your web browser.

6.    Click on the ‘NEXT’ button to confirm the library category and go to finish window. You’ll get this button under Organize your media section. If you want to select a new library, then here you’ll also have an option ‘ADD LIBRARY’ to choose and add a different kind of media.

7.    Finally, click on the ‘DONE’ button to end set up.

This will finish the server setting and open your dashboard on your screen.

How to browse and add Libraries to Plex

Steps to add and create a new Library:

1.    Find the media libraries list. You’ll see library list on the left side panel.

2.    There is a ‘+’ button next to each library, click on the ‘+’ button of the media library you want to add.

3.    Choose the media type to add in your library. You can also make a new and separate library for your Music, photos, Video clips, movies, and TV shows.

4.    Now, click on the ‘Name’ field to give a name to your library.

5.    Type a name into the field. If you want to change the language, then you can click on the drop-down box of the language to select a language.

6.    Click on the ‘NEXT’ button to confirm, and this will prompt a window to add a folder.

7.    Click on ‘BROWSE MEDIA FOLDER’ to select a folder from your device.

8.    Browse and select a folder to add to your Plex library.

9.    And click on the ‘ADD LIBRARY’ button to create and add the selected folder. Doing this will add your newly created library into the media libraries on the left side panel.

That’s it!

Steps to open and browse libraries:

1.    Navigate to the media libraries panel.

2.    Then click on a ‘Library’ from the left side media library panel to open it and view its content.

3.    You can do the same to open another library.

4.    Click on the ‘House icon’ button to return to your dashboard. The home button is just next to the search button near the upper right corner of the Plex window.

That’s it!

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How to Open Boot Options Menu on Windows 10

There are a lot of exciting features offered by Windows 10. The Boot Options menu is an advantageous feature. You can use the Boot Options menu to troubleshoot many problems of your Windows 10 PC. From the Windows 10 Boot Options menu, you can perform resetting, restoring, booting, troubleshooting, and much more.


What can you do from the Boot options menu?

You can:

•    Reset your computer.

•    Restore your computer to the previous version.

•    Install a different OS.

•    Fix startup problems by using Startup Repair.

•    Access Windows 10 safe mode.

You can access the Boot options menu in both situations if you’ve or haven’t access to your desktop.

Simple Ways to open the Boot Options menu on your Windows 10 PC

When you’ve access to your desktop:

1.    Keyboard shortcuts: Press and hold the Shift key and restart your computer.

2.    Open from Windows Settings.

3.    Using Command Prompt.

When you haven’t access to your desktop:

4.    Force your PC to start with the advanced boot options menu.

5.    By using a recovery drive.

6.    By using Installation disc or drive.

Keyboard shortcuts: Press and hold the Shift key and restart your computer

This is the simplest method to open Windows 10 Boot menu.

Make sure your Keyboard is working well, and the Shift key of the keyboard also work. Because from on-screen keyboard this will not work.

1.    Now, open your Windows 10 start menu.

2.    Open ‘Power’ options.

3.    Then, press the ‘Shift’ key on your physical keyboard.

4.    Keep holding, and click on ‘Restart’ to restart your computer.

5.    Wait for restart your computer.

Now, your Windows 10 PC will restart with Boot options menu. You can use any method to restart your computer.

Open from Windows Settings

If your keyboard or key is not working or you are unable to access from the above method then don’t worry use this trick.

1.    Open your ‘Windows 10 Settings’.

2.    Go to ‘Update & Security’ from the settings.

3.    Go to the ‘Recovery’ option from the left menu.

4.    And click on ‘Restart now’ under Advanced startup section from the right menu.

Wait, your computer will start with the advanced boot options menu.

Using Command Prompt

You can use Command Prompt to open the Boot options menu of your Windows 10.

To open Command Prompt on Windows 10:

1.    Hover your mouse cursor over the Windows 10 Start menu and right click on it.

2.    Click ‘Command Prompt’ from the prompted options.

3.    Type ‘Shutdown.exe/r/o’ into the command window.

4.    And press ‘Enter.’

5.    Click ‘Close’ on the signed out Window.

This will take a little time, and your Windows 10 computer will start with the boot menu.

Force your PC to start with the advanced boot option menu

If your PC fails to start because of any startup error or Windows crash or any other issue prevent your Windows 10 PC from starting. Then when you try to start your computer, it will start with advanced boot options. Sometime it will not open automatically with the advanced boot options or stuck while starting then you can force your PC to begin with the boot menu.

To force your Windows 10 to crash and open with boot options menu.

1.    Start your PC and keep your eyes on your Desktop.

2.    Immediately Shutdown your PC by pressing and holding the ‘Power’ button. Or disconnect your system from the power supply to force shutdown it.

3.    Repeat the process 2-3 times.

Your computer will start with the advanced boot options menu in a maximum two-three trial.

By using recovery drive

1.    Insert your Windows 10 recovery drive into your computer.

2.    And then restart your computer with the disk.

3.    Select a ‘Keyboard layout,’ when asked to select.

The boot options menu will appear. If you don’t have a recovery drive, then you can create a new from a working Windows 10 PC or use your friends.

By using Installation disc or drive

If you can’t arrange any recovery drive, then you can use your Windows 10 installation disc or drive to open the boot options menu.

1.    Use your Windows 10 installation disc or drive.

2.    And click on ‘Repair’ option.

That’s it! The boot options menu is on your Screen. Use the boot options menu to perform some advanced and interesting task.

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The Best Guide to Win on the PUBG Miramar Map (Desert Map)

Miramar Map is the earliest update of the PUBG. PUBG added a new stage Miramar with a whole new appearance, weapons and vehicles. If you want to get a grip on this new deserted Miramar map, then here is everything you’ll need to be a pro player of Miramar.


Here you’ll know about:

•    More about Miramar Map

•    Best landing and starting locations

•    Guidance for playing on Miramar Map

•    Best Weapons and Vehicles locations

More about Miramar map

Just like the other previous PUBG locations, in the beginning, you’ll feel like a prison on the Miramar map. If you land first time on this map, you’ll find yourself on a deserted prison. However, the map is not entirely of desert sand, at the south of Miramar map, you’ll see water also. There is also an island at the southern side desert with a town located there. The southern side is connected with two bridges to the mainland. And at the Middle East side area of the Miramar desert, you’ll get a massive area of Los Leones town. There are also Military camps in this Map at the top right corner. The middle area of Miramar desert looks like a Cemetery area. Where the Miramar is a desert area, it has Desert Mountain and small rocks throughout the map.

Best landing and starting locations

•    Cemetery (Middle) area- As the cemetery area is on the middle of the map. Then it is always the security that you’re in the first circle. And in the shacks of the cemetery, you can search for Weapons and other equipment. So, it is actually an excellent place to land.

•    Los Leones- area with the largest town of the map is guaranteed to get various biggest weapons.  This area is always the focus of the circle.

•    San Marcos- the location of the San Marcos is near the centre of the desert. The region has a sufficient amount of tall buildings where you can search for the weapons and equipment and get ready before the circle has come.

•    Military base- as like the other previous map’s Military camp, Miramar’s Military base is obviously the best place to get some best weapons such as snipers, shotguns, and many more. But it is at the NE corner of the map so reaching there and surviving through the shrinking circle is challenging.

•    Crater Fields and Chumacera both are also the best starting locations.

Guidance for playing on Miramar Map

If you’re looking for high powered weapons, then Military camp is a good place for them. The area of the north-west border of Miramar Petro Glyphs and Studio and El Pozo south-east area holds many amazing assets, and the area is also warzone. Chumacera town is filled with partially constructed towers so they are a good place for snipers and long ranged weapons. Miramar desert doesn’t have many trees to cover you. So, you can use the Desert Mountains and rocks to cover you. If you want to be out in the open area, then it is better to use a single shot or long-range weapons like Win-94, M16, and SCAR-L.

Best Weapons and Vehicles locations

Even the Map is more massive or different but similar to the other previous Maps the basic rule is also followed in Miramar. Equipment, Weapons and Vehicles are always found within the buildings area like Military area, Cemetery area, Los Leones, etc. They are never outside of this.

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Mortal Kombat 11: Latest Gameplay Reveals Kabal and D’Vorah as New Characters for the Title

NetherRealm Studios is out with a confirmation for the inclusion of Kabal and D’Vorah to the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11.

Mortal Kombat 11 launch was confirmed at The Game Awards 2018, and since then, NetherRealm has been revealing a new character every week.

But a recent Kombat Kast live stream revealed complete gameplay for the Kabal character showcasing his move set and in-game interactions.


Ed Boon, co-creator at NetherRealm confirmed the inclusion of communities favorite Kabal character and stated he would be the part of the roster for the upcoming Mortal Kombat 11.

The live stream gameplay and the trailer showcases the Kabal’s insane meat hooks mechanics and mind-numbing fatality, also the trailer revealed the Kabal’s Nomad Dash which is quite useful to evade the deadly blows from the foe.

The gameplay also denoted Kabal running off from the side of the screen and appearing on the other side dealing bone crushing meat hook blow to the opponent.

The Kabal character also possesses a buzz Saw Blade to counter hits from enemies and balance out movement and space for better stability for the character.

 The trailer also showcased the Fatality for this character, which includes Kabal hooking up the enemy with his Meat Hook and running in supersonic speeds while dragging the enemy and ultimately splitting the foe in half.

Ed Boon also mentioned that another character is also set to join the roster and fans would freak out as they get to know the character, but he didn’t disclose the name of this character during the Kombat Kast.

Although as the Xbox stream went live, Ed Boon stated that the D’Vorah would also join the roster in the Mortal Kombat 11. D’Vorah has already featured in the Mortal Kombat X and is now reintroduced for the Mortal Kombat 11.

Fans of Mortal Kombat would remember this character having yellow colored skin with a hoody and a jacket which provided the character with much more human-like structure.

Still, as she uses her moves and skills in the combat like using carapace or releasing a hoard of creepy crawlies on the foe, this time D’Vorah will have its hoody and jacket removed, and actual face of her will be revealed.  Players will be able to acknowledge this new character completely only when a trailer for D’Vorah would be revealed, but still, it has created a lot of buzz amongst the community members and the fans of Mortal Kombat.

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Mayhem: A Supercomputer to Tackle Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity and threats management is a major worry of companies. There is not a single complete security arrangement that can detect, exploit and dispatch security threats alone. White-hatters are continuously armoring the industry from different cyber-attacks, but they are also not untouched from human errors and mistakes. So the industry is very desperately looking for an automatic and fault proof protection.


Pentagon autonomous challenge came with a brand new endeavor that stands out on every single aspect of concern related to cybersecurity. Mayhem supercomputer, built by ForAllSecure enterprises is the new face that can handle any kind of security threat. The winner crown of DARPA security challenge justifies its claim.  It establishes itself in the World’s largest summit of hackers by participating in “Flags to Capture” competition and grasp the attention of all with its big and several meter long apparatus. It requires a huge amount of electricity and water cooler to cool itself from the warmth of 300-kilowatt electricity.

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been conducting such attempt to protect the software and application and select the most efficient software program that can run in almost every kind of device of daily use and make them safe and attack proof.

Enhancement of technology and implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT) makes it more crucial and urgent as inter-device communication enhances the widespread of the virus and threats injection from one device to another.

Working of Mayhem mega machine

It primarily works on two concepts that are fuzzing and symbolic execution.

The combined effort of two individual approaches to analyze and dispatch the duty is the core mechanism of fuzzing and symbolic execution. If we have to say it in simple words, Symbolic execution creates an equation for each logic that is implemented in an attacking program and fetches the solution of a bug accordingly.

On the other hand, fuzzing is the process of permutation and combination of information under a program, so that program gets crashed and in this way, it determines the vulnerable nature and weakness of a program. It works quite perfectly in determining the solution and weakness of most frequent program. Fuzzing is inserting the unknown set of data continuously into program’s string till the equation designed by symbolic execution reaches to its solution.

Fuzzing is like hit and trial method with tremendous speed. It guesses about the solution very smartly as well as very speedily. Symbolic execution is similar to solving a mathematical equation and knows that which input can spoil the attacking software system and inserting that very solution into the software to dismiss the attack.

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How to Save Snapchat Pictures on Android

Snapchat is the well-known application which permits the users to share their photos and videos which will get deleted after seen by all their friends. In Snapchat, you will find that the pictures immediately get removed from the user account. The user can download their friends’ picture or snapshot them, but your friends will get to know that you had downloaded their photographs. In case you don’t like to notify them and download the pictures without knowing them then it can be possible by following the given steps on Android gadget.


Steps for saving Snapchat pictures on Android

•    Go to the “Settings application on the Android gadget. In case you wish to download any application from any website so that you can save Snapchat photos on your phone album, then the first thing you have to do is to permit the applications downloading through the unknown sources. This application you will not get on the Google Play Store, so you have to visit any site to download it.


•    Choose the “Security” button by going to the “Settings” application. After clicking on that “Security” button, a security page will show up on the Android gadget.

•    Go through the “Unknown Sources” section. You will get a verification page on the gadget screen which you have to permit to install that application on the gadget.

•    Go to APKMirror in the Android default browser. The user can install the application from this website. This website is safe for the users of Android so that they can save Snapchat photos on their Android gadget.

•    Ensure that you have to install the new version of “Casper.” Press the “Download” option located on the right-hand column in the list of all the updated version of “Casper.” In case you install the oldest version of Casper then it will not work on the Android gadget to install that application.

  • Once you click the “Download” symbol, then you need to press the “Download” option for verifying the downloading process. You will get an option to agree on the download option to start downloading that application in the android.

•    Go to the “Downloads” folder. After completing the download process of that application, you need to open downloads folder so that you can install Android Package file from there. The installing process of this application will be the same as other applications after enabling the “Unknown Source” option.

•    Make a “Google Account.” The first thing you have to do is to make an account on Google before using the installed Casper by entering a username and protected password. It is compulsory if you wish to use Snapchat features.

•    Open “Casper” and type the “Snapchat Sign In” detail. The users have to write their username and a protected password to make an account and then press on the “Sign In” button.

•    Type the “Google Account” details. Type the username and a protected password to move to the next step. Once you had entered all the details.

•    Press a “Snap” to install on the Android gadget.

•    Click the “Installed Snap” to open on the Android gadget.

•    Click the “Download” option to save a photo into the album.

•    Go to the “Three Lines” icon and press “Saved Snaps” to check the entire photos downloaded on the phone album.

•    Go through the “Updated” section frequently.

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Sometimes you don’t get to know you had unfollowed you after accepting the request on Instagram. Instagram is a social networking site which allows you to share multiple photos and videos. Here you can create your account and then get started. Instagram itself will not message you that these persons have unfollowed you from their account.


You have to check the unfollow users on your own. You will see a change in your profile when you checked on the last time that your followers are decreasing and then you want to know who that person is then you can choose other tools to help you out.

How to Know who Unfollows You by Yourself?

You can compare the following and the followers of your account. You can check the following friends with the followers’ friends that who a friend is not on your followers’ list. In case you find your followers are decreasing then you can go through the above instructions to know who had unfollowed you.

It will take a lot of time, and this is not a practical way. In case you have many followers in your Instagram account then you have to keep patience to do this work.

Using a tool instead of doing by you will not take that much time, it will tell that follower name in only a few minutes. You can leave that tool installed on your phone so that it keeps a record of all your followers and following.

What Are the Tools to Track Your Instagram Followers?   

You can use the given tools to track your followers and know who unfollow you from their account. You can do it by yourself because this will take a lot of time and you will still not get a successful result.

Follow Meter Application

The application helps you to keep a record of your followers and following in a very fastest way. It deeply checks your Instagram account and then tells you about that person who unfollows you. It will search for those users you had like your post daily and view the posts liked by your followers.

It will suggest a new user of Instagram so that you can increase your followers by sending them a request. Follow meter application supports both the Apple and Android devices. If you use this tool then you can easily find that user name which had unfollow you.

Followers Trackers Pro Application

This app is free to use as it shows up your unfollowers and suggests you the profile of the new user. It keeps a record of three applications in your phone in one time. This app reminds you to follow the user back who had sent you the friend request already.

You should have an account on Instagram to use this app on your phone. You can only add 50 thousand followers in one Instagram account.

Follow Cop Follow Cop help you to show your account more visible to other users. You can insert three more Instagram accounts through this application. This will show you the user name who had to unfollow you recently. By the help of this application, you can insert favourite friends in the white list folder by moving their username into the left side on your phone.

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