The Best Guide to Win on the PUBG Miramar Map (Desert Map)

Miramar Map is the earliest update of the PUBG. PUBG added a new stage Miramar with a whole new appearance, weapons and vehicles. If you want to get a grip on this new deserted Miramar map, then here is everything you’ll need to be a pro player of Miramar.


Here you’ll know about:

•    More about Miramar Map

•    Best landing and starting locations

•    Guidance for playing on Miramar Map

•    Best Weapons and Vehicles locations

More about Miramar map

Just like the other previous PUBG locations, in the beginning, you’ll feel like a prison on the Miramar map. If you land first time on this map, you’ll find yourself on a deserted prison. However, the map is not entirely of desert sand, at the south of Miramar map, you’ll see water also. There is also an island at the southern side desert with a town located there. The southern side is connected with two bridges to the mainland. And at the Middle East side area of the Miramar desert, you’ll get a massive area of Los Leones town. There are also Military camps in this Map at the top right corner. The middle area of Miramar desert looks like a Cemetery area. Where the Miramar is a desert area, it has Desert Mountain and small rocks throughout the map.

Best landing and starting locations

•    Cemetery (Middle) area- As the cemetery area is on the middle of the map. Then it is always the security that you’re in the first circle. And in the shacks of the cemetery, you can search for Weapons and other equipment. So, it is actually an excellent place to land.

•    Los Leones- area with the largest town of the map is guaranteed to get various biggest weapons.  This area is always the focus of the circle.

•    San Marcos- the location of the San Marcos is near the centre of the desert. The region has a sufficient amount of tall buildings where you can search for the weapons and equipment and get ready before the circle has come.

•    Military base- as like the other previous map’s Military camp, Miramar’s Military base is obviously the best place to get some best weapons such as snipers, shotguns, and many more. But it is at the NE corner of the map so reaching there and surviving through the shrinking circle is challenging.

•    Crater Fields and Chumacera both are also the best starting locations.

Guidance for playing on Miramar Map

If you’re looking for high powered weapons, then Military camp is a good place for them. The area of the north-west border of Miramar Petro Glyphs and Studio and El Pozo south-east area holds many amazing assets, and the area is also warzone. Chumacera town is filled with partially constructed towers so they are a good place for snipers and long ranged weapons. Miramar desert doesn’t have many trees to cover you. So, you can use the Desert Mountains and rocks to cover you. If you want to be out in the open area, then it is better to use a single shot or long-range weapons like Win-94, M16, and SCAR-L.

Best Weapons and Vehicles locations

Even the Map is more massive or different but similar to the other previous Maps the basic rule is also followed in Miramar. Equipment, Weapons and Vehicles are always found within the buildings area like Military area, Cemetery area, Los Leones, etc. They are never outside of this.

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