How to Effectively Switch From Android To iPhone?

If planning to switch from an Android to an iPhone, then it’s a right decision. Getting confused about what to do next? Read this blog carefully to know about some of the significant steps that you should take before dumping your Android to phone for an iPhone.


Things to do before swithcing from Android to iPhone

  1. Software: iTunes

Most people do use iTunes for having a good set of music and movies.  But it has one more important function- if you require to transfer documents from your Android smartphone to the iPhone then iTunes will make this task simple for you to do.

  • Thankfully, it is accessible to Apple users without any type of charges. It can be used by installing it on your device.


  1. Synchronize text to your PC
  • Ensure that all important data on your Android gadget is synchronized to your system before changing to iPhone.
  • This should comprise things like your music playlist, contacts, videos, and images.
  • Doing back up of all important items from your smartphone to your system is necessary to stay at safe side.

What can get transferred?

  • Music

For some music lovers, they like to have their favorite songs to be with them always.

  • Luckily, most of the time all songs can get a transfer by putting the songs to iTunes and synchronizing it to the iPhone.
  • ‘Windows Media’ files will not work on iPhone, so it’s good to put them to iTunes, change them to MP3 and after that synchronize them.
  • It is worth noting that Windows Media files with Digital Rights Management may not work in iTunes so you will also not be able to change them as well.


  • Applications
  • There is a difference between the two kinds of smartphones- Android applications don’t work on the iPhone, and even iPhone applications don’t work on Android applications.
  • Thankfully, some Android applications support iPhone versions these days. In this case, you require to go through the Play Store for getting applications that you like a lot.
  • Although the iPhone versions of the applications are present, your stored information may not be available on it.
  • If the application supports you to make an account then only you can have the data on your iPhone.
  • Some applications save your information on the smartphone itself. In such cases there are more probability of losing your information that you stored on iPhone.

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