Fortnite: How to accomplish Season 7 Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges

Fortnite is ongoing with its Season 7 Week 9 challenges and events in which players have to complete a variety of daily tasks and quests in order to achieve awesome rewards and prizes.

This new week has brought a number of tasks like using the Sneaky Snowman item or getting on the Storming X-4 aircraft. But in addition to these tasks, a new series of the quest is also available for the fans.


For this week’s Battle Pass challenges, players are required to locate specific structures in the game map and dance on them. These structures include the Sundial, the Giant Metal dog head and the Oversized cup of coffee.

This challenge event of dancing on the top of different buildings is undoubtedly not one of its kind and dedicated players of Fortnite will indeed relate to this event and would be able to spot some of the locations. Still, all the players who have recently joined Fortnite would find it difficult to accomplish this event.

So in order to complete this week’s Battle Pass challenges you are required to spot and dance on the three different locations, which will grant you a new battle Star.

The first location in the list of places where players have to dance is the Sundial, which is situated at the deserted part of the Fortnite map. This Sundial is made up of various logs and vehicles placed in a systematic order and resembles with the actual clock.

You will have to head to the southeast of Paradise Palms and reach up to the small mountain to locate the Sundial location. Or you can also choose to take the Fatal Fields route to reach at the Sundial location as the first mountain from that direction leads to the designated place.

As players reach this location and dance on the mountain, the Sundial challenge would be accomplished, and gamers can then head to the second assigned structure.

The Oversize Cup of Coffee is the second location where gamers are required to perform a dance move. This object is located at the Dusty Divot and is quite massive in size so locating the oversize cup won’t be that difficult.

As you reach the top of the Dusty Divot, you will spot a giant cup with Dusty Dines text on it. Create a ram and reach the top of the cup and then perform your dance move on it.

After completing your task at the second location, players will now require to go to the Giant Metal Dog Head, which is precisely located at the entry gate of the Junk Junction.

This third location is the easiest location to spot, and even the noobs would not miss this location. Now all you need to do is go straight to the Giant Dog Head and dance at the top of it.

As you successfully dance on the third object, you will accomplish all the required tasks for this challenge, and the player will be liable to obtain a Battle Star, which could later be traded to receive higher Battle Pass.

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