Fortnite: DJ Marshmello Rock Concert Breaks a Record for Concurrent Player

Epic Games’ latest rock concert went off the charts, and DJ Marshmello fans around the globe went crazy to experience his music live in Fortnite.


Players got an excellent opportunity to experience best of DJ Marshmello and they couldn’t stop dancing to the sensational electro music in-game.

All the gamers who participated in the particular Team Rumble mode were teleported to the Pleasant Park at 2 PM ET with all the weapons disabled.

And for 10 minutes, fans got an opportunity to experience the well known electronic music director and producer DJ Marshmello playing electronic music with awesome fireworks and anti-gravity in-game.

All the players gathered at the Pleasant Park were able to enjoy the concert by using emotes, dance moves and fireworks with the anti-gravity mode, which enhanced the experiences to the next level for the fans.

 This first-ever live virtual concert was indeed something worth watching, as developers at Epic Games were able to bring all the aspects of any concert into Fortnite with eye-pleasing lighting, virtual holograms, bouncing Marshmello heads and off-course the animated DJ Marshmello with his crazy electronic music.

As per the Tweet from the journalist and The Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley, Fortnite was successful in breaking their record of 8.3 million concurrent players and set up a new record of 10 million in-game concurrent players during the concert.

It is said that more than 10 million players enjoyed the concert at the same time in the game and many more watched it on the live stream of various YouTubers making this first live virtual concert a grand success.

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