Top 4 Reasons To Go For Windows 10 Upgrade

People generally prefer not to go for updates. Sometimes they feel that upgrading to the latest version can lead to the removal of their favorite features.  However, when it comes to Windows 10 there is nothing to worry about.


Best reasons for upgrading to Windows 10

1.    Don’t need to spend even a penny for availing Windows 10

It is free of cost for your system for your whole lifetime. That is one of the primary reason for upgrading it to Windows 10.

2.    Windows works as a Service

Windows completely functions as a Service because it offers new updates on a regular basis. So it will be not wrong to say that Windows keep changing with time.

3.    The Start menu has arrived again

Windows 10 have some of the beautiful features of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. So it will be easy for its old Windows users to work upon it. One such feature is the Start menu.

For instance, on the left side of the menu bar, you can note that the elements are entirely similar like Windows 7 as it has a list of frequently used applications. It also offers easy to visit places like Settings. At the below, power option is placed so that you can quickly turn it on or off. In the same way, as you used to do it earlier.

On the right-ways, you’ll be able to look features that MS is getting to you from Windows 8. You’ll be able to watch LiveTiles and can even arrange it according to your likes. Luckily, you can adjust the screen menu the way you want.

Microsoft has remarkably designed the ‘Start menu,’ and a solid proof for it is that it has even won a prestigious award named as the ‘IDSA Digital Design Award.’

It is a fact that as compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8, the Windows 10 is super better in its performance.

4.    Presence of Cortana

Cortana is readily available in the desktop. One of the awesome features of Windows 10 is the easy availability of Cortana. It is MS’ first personal assistant. It is stick to the OS in such a way that even though you can’t remove it but can deactivate it. However, people find it very useful and don’t prefer generally deactivating it. Cortana is placed in the search box so that if the users write their problems over there, they can get answers without facing any complications. If you have any file that you saved a few days back and forgot the name of its folder then only need to write the name of the file and will get your data on the spot. It is voice command friendly too.

Joe Martin is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Joe has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


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