Tips to enhance your Old Smartphone’s Performance


The performance of your smartphone plays a critical role in day to day life. It not only increases your productivity but speeds up your day to day life also. A slow phone can spoil your mood; can reduce your wok speed and ability to kill your valuable time. A poor working mobile phone works as a traffic jam that stops your life and work.

Before going to throw it into the garbage or planning to buy a new one, you should have to check your phone first and try to know the reasons for its slow performance. It is true that excessive use of any Smartphone slowed its speed because of the huge amount of cookies, catch memory and other files which automatically capture the space of phone during surfing on the internet, clicking a picture or playing a video.

The massive amount of software, apps and files reduces the processing capacity of your smartphone. It is very similar to the poor performance issue of your PC.

Here are some tips and steps that help you to drag your phone up from the marshy stuck to jet speed.

Updating Smartphone

Every new version of software comes with enhanced feature and additional support. It is the best tonic that can live up any Smartphone and turn it into an efficient, handy tool. It helps to boost smartphone features and supports it to upgrade itself to face new age problems.

Security updates that come every month can support your phone to face the latest version of attacks and threads. So updating your mobile phone can only solve the half of the ongoing problem.

Updating steps of a Smartphone

  • Go to the setting every week.
  • Search for the newest update related tom system as well as the various installed apps and update your phone by following the simple steps given on the screen.

Updating installed apps

It is the era of mobile applications. We are all dependent on mobile apps for every specific work. If apps do not work in its full flange, it dwells the performance of your Smartphone. Updating apps empower the installed app to overcome from the latest glitch and bugs. It helps apps to remain compatible with different kind of protocol and devices. It plays a crucial role in dealing with the different manufacture and their support.

Updating an app

Go to the Google Play Store.

  • Click to My apps and games and click to update all.
  • For iPhone, go to App store, select for the available update and press update all.

Enable Auto-update

The new apps and software update of your mobile needs a proper installation and check its effect through multiple restarts. The packages and apps may contain the huge amount of data so need time also, if you update all the apps and system at once it can jam your old and slow your Smartphone till updating completes. It also becomes time-consuming hence you shall have to update the apps and system in chunks. It will not only update your software whenever the latest version launched but also ensure the smooth running of your old processor.

Cache clearance

Your phone’s web browser stores the entire picture and the path of websites you surf without your concern. It might for your benefit as you don’t need to download the same content every time, but in this way, it gathers plenty of unnecessary and old data into your memory space which could be a vital reason for the slowness of your mobile. It needs to be clear at a prior basis.

To clear the cache memory, you need to go to the settings. Open privacy and erase the browsing data. You can fragment it according to your desire.

Remove unwanted apps

We install some just for once but forget it to erase it, and it is working in the background and gathering unnecessary data that reduces the speed of our phone. So it is needed that you delete unwanted and unused application after a while.

Resetting the factory setting

In case your phone is not getting the speed even after trying the tools mentioned above. Go for the factory reset. It wipes all wanted and unwanted data that you consume during its use from purchase to till date and take it on to the new stating stage.

You should be aware that it will erase all data from your phone.

Olivia Jones is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats.Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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