PUBG Mobile: Possibly Zombies Mode Map included in 0.10.5 Update


It is possible that the long wait of players of PUBG to indulge with zombies is over as it is expected that Ten Cent is going to introduce Zombie mode map in the upcoming 0.10.5.

Speculations are floating all across the PUBG community that in the upcoming 0.10.5 update a new Zombie Mode would be included which would feature new game style to hunt enemies on an entirely new map which would be dedicated for zombie hunting.

While currently, players playing beta version can spot zombies in the waiting area before the match, although it is not yet possible to interact or hunt them.

Recently Capcom and Ten Cent joined hands to assure the community to bring a new indulging experience of PUBG and Resident Evil 2, combined in one platform.

By this exclusive merger of two well-known franchises it is creating a huge buzz and excitement amongst the PUBG community as fans eagerly want to experiences apocalyptic in-game interactions, and with the upcoming update, they can receive a new playing style in PUBG.

The speculations are somewhat coming into reality as various YouTubers like Mr Ghost Gaming, and Power Bang Gaming also confirmed about the inclusion of Zombie Mode in PUBG and with the upcoming update it becomes much more interesting as new season pass will also be introduced.

In addition to Zombie Mode, this 0.10.5 update is also expected to feature in MK 47 Mutant, which is an upgraded version of MK 47 but it has an additional laser sight attachment to it.

The Laser Sight is going to be predominantly featured first time in PUBG, and it is not an individual attachment that could be mounted on any weapon, but instead, it is only usable on MK 47 Mutant.

Such a weapon can help in targeting enemies during night mode as it could assure better-guided aim at the enemy.

The general overview of 0.10.5 update can consist of a variety of new content, and you can refer below the list of some of the expected and unexpected consents that could feature the upcoming update.

  • New Zombie Map.
  • Snow covered area in the Erangel map.
  • Uncertain weather conditions in Erangel and Miramar maps.
  • New feature to replay how you get killed in the match.
  • New Rifle type MK 47 Mutant.
  • A new vehicle type “Riksah” in Zombie Mode.
  • A new payment system for BP and UC.
  • New Zombie Mode to hunt Zombies.
  • New gun skins and emotes.

It is quite thrilling to observe how the new Zombie Mode will perform amongst the vast PUBG fan base as the expectation bar is quite high amongst the PUBG community and forums.

With this new upcoming game mode type retro players of PUBG can experience a whole new dynamics of apocalyptic Zombie type gameplay. It would be quite crucial to receive the reviews of various streamers and gamers are they can create a significant impact on the game’s reputation.

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