Know About iPhone Touch Disease

Touch Disease becomes a significant problem for iOS devices users. Users find their gadgets suddenly stop working properly, and the Touch Lock Sensor stops working and the users see grey bars on the top of the display. Apple doesn’t find any solution to solve this problem yet, but it is originated in the touch controllers on the logic board. Those controllers take care of both the screen the touch-lock sensor of iOS devices, so it means the problem is coming from the display and touch ID sensor.

The brightness of the iOS devices is not an only symptom to know your phone has a touch disease. The most commonly affected model is iPhone 6 that started bending, which leads to breaking of the phone. This problem is due to the touch controller chip doesn’t have an underfill between it and the logic board. Underfill contains glue that holds a chip which helps the iOS devices to stable their touch ID sensor.

Which devices did it affect?

As per Apple, the only model which is affected by this disease is the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is known for bendingslightly in pockets. So even if it is beyond three years from the purchase date and out of warranty, the Apple developers replace the whole iPhone 6 for the cost of the screen replacement.

How to spot the symptoms?

A most common symptom of touch disease is a shining grey bar that comes on the top of the iOS devices; most parts of the phone cover the status bar. The owners of their devices complain that soon after seeing the problematic grey bars, the iPhone full display stops working correctly.

The logic board of the iOS device bends at that time when users take out their phone from their pockets. The users of iOS devices were reported to be very easily breakable and bending under moderate pressure. When the gadgets bend many times, the chips which are inside the logic board comes out of the phone, failing to use touchscreen commands.

How to fix Touch Disease?

In some cases at the end users don’t fix it. If you don’t have any problem to take the risk of opening your iOS device, then you can use a soldering iron, but this is not the right way. You can try to solve your broken touchscreen problem, but that might not do the trick.

The trick Apple is proving is the easiest way that the company will repair your iPhone. You have to pay for your repair, but don’t worry it costs a lot less than other phones repairs cost.

You can use a third party method by going to the repair shop to solve your problem. However, the shop workers should have the knowledge of micro-soldering since in case they destruct your iOS device then even the Apple controllers also can’t help you.

What are the legal requirements for Apple’s Repair Program?

If you want to repair your iOS device to fix Touch Disease, you must have:

  • An iPhone 6 Plus
  • The iOS device should be in working condition.
  • iPhone 6 Plus which show the symptoms as above
  • It should not have a broken display.

The repairing program is only for those users who have their iPhone not more than five years old. Take an example you had an iPhone 6 plus in this year and got these problems in 2020, and then you can’t repair it.

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