How to Turn off Siri

Siri is an excellent personal assistant but it can be taxing on your phone’s battery. If you want to turn off Siri, it enables Voice Control. You can’t disable both the Voice Control and Siri at the same time. In case you have disabled Siri and thinking that your pocket dialing will be normal, you have to enable Siri so that it does not open when your gadget is locked.

Go through one of this method to turn off Siri:

  1. Stopping Pocket Calls
  • Take help of this method to avoid pocket dials.

If you turn off Siri, it will enable Voice control. You can turn off Siri trying to stop pocket dialing, but you will find that Voice control still does it. You can prevent this by turning on Siri and after that turning it off on your lock screen. For this, you will need to have a passcode lock on your gadget.

  • These methods will not completely turn off Siri, and you can stop it from accessing on your lock screen. If you like to turn off Siri completely, go through the next method, but make sure that this will turn on Voice Control.
  • Make sure Siri is turned on.

You have to turn on Siri instead of disabling it from the lock screen.

  • Go to the Settings application and then choose “General.”
  • Click “Siri” and switch Siri ON. Ensure that the feature is on.
  • Go back to the Settings an application and then choose “Passcode.”

In case you already have a password, you will be asked to enter the passcode.

  • Click “Enable Passcode” in case it is not turned on.

You will get asked to make a four-digit password for your gadget. You will need to turn off Siri from the lock screen.

  • Switch “Siri” disable in the Password menu.

This will disable Siri while the gadget is locked, stopping it from starting and pocket dialing.

  • You can’t turn off Siri completely and stop voice control for your iOS device. The voice control feature will get enabled automatically when you disable Siri, and there is no option to turn it off. This is the best way for stopping Siri from opening when you don’t like it to.
  1. Turn Off Siri

 Go to the Setting application.

You can completely turn off Siri from your iOS gadget, but this will turn on the Voice Control feature, you will go through the same problem that you had it already.

  • Choose “General” and after that “Siri.”

It will go to the Siri menu list.

  • Switch Siri disable at the top of the menu list.

It will turn off Siri on your iOS device, but it will turn on the Voice Control feature. You cannot turn off both Voice control and Siri at the same time.

  • Click “Turn Off Siri” to verify that you like to disable it.
  • Disable Dictation in case you like to delete your data from iOS devices.

Siri stores all of your details so that it can reply to your requests on the iOS devices. This detail is also used for the Dictation feature like voice or message, and you have to turn it off as well in case you like to delete the data from iOS devices completely. Enabling Dictation will turn off the microphone tab on your gadgets on-screen keyboard, but not remove it.

  • Go back to the “General” column of the Setting application and choose “Keyboard.”
  • Go to the end of the display and switch “Turn On Dictation” disable. You will be asked to verify that you would like to disable Dictation.

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