How can you Alter the Default Font in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser for casual surfing and intensive research and if you’re consuming a considerable amount of time in Firefox and you’re getting bored by its appearance as most of the browsers come in standard “Times New Roman font,” then you can customize its appearance, like fonts, color, and themes as per your choice.



Follow these steps to change the fonts:

Keep in mind that this will merely alter the font for pages and websites with no preset fonts.

  1. Go to Mozilla Firefox – You have to double press the Mozilla icon on your system to open the browser.
  2. Press on the “Menu” button – The menu button you’ll find on the top right corner of the device.

If you’re using older or previous versions of Firefox, press on Tools on the menu toolbar on the top part of the window.

  1. Tap “Options” – By clicking on this, a “Options” window will open.
  2. Select “Content” – Within the “Content” you’ll find various options for changing the fonts.
  3. Press on the “Default Font” box – By clicking on this will show a list of fonts you can pick from. Simply scroll down and choose the font you wish.

–    In case you want to alter fonts for all websites, continue to the next part.

  1. Save your new changes – Press on “Okay” to save changes you have done.

Steps to change fonts for all pages:

  1. Press on the “Advanced” button –Once you’re done with the font you wish, don’t save your changes yet. Tap on the Advanced button beside the Font Size button. It will launch the advance options for fonts.
  2. Untick the setting “Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selection above.” – Every website has their own defaults fonts, and if you don’t untick this setting, the predefined font you set will only apply to pages and websites that don’t have a pre-determined font.
  3. To save your new changes – Press on “Okay” to save the advance settings changes. When you’re on the “Content” option again, tap on “Okay” to save all the new changes you made.

–    Now to check if the settings have taken place, go to any website you want. You’ll observe that the fonts have been changed as per the style you have chosen.

We expect that this article helped you.

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