Guide to use Screen Time

There should be a limitation on what we take and do. If there is no limitation then, in the end, it is going to affect us disastrously. In the past, around 15 years ago there was a boom in communication and its various media. We have now advanced with the different devices and its tool to communicate anywhere in the world. Leaving behind everything, communication has become the top priority in our life. For that our common device is the phone. We are using it extensively for communication and for its features. But prolonged use of phones has made us addicted, which is putting us at the risk of mental and physical stress.  Just to safeguard us from this bad habit of using iDevices, Apple has come up with a new feature on iDevices known as “Screen Time.” This will send an automatic report showing how much you have spent time on your phone or any application. Definitely, it will give you an idea on how to curb the extensive use of electronic devices.


Guide to open screen time

screen-time-guide-usage-report (1)


  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Scroll to Screen Time, which is visible alongside Do Not Disturb.
  3. If you didn’t select to turn on Screen Time while setting up iOS 12, here’s where you ‘ll have a chance to do so. The Application will definitely ask you if the device you’re holding is your phone or of your child’s.
  4. If you are setting up your child’s phone, then you get an option to set up the various restrictions immediately.
  5. If you have turned on Screen Time and it is your own phone, then you can see a report detailing the last 24 hours of your usage.

Guide to set a passcode for Screen Time

  1. Launch Screen Time.
  2. Scroll below to the Screen Time Passcode.
  3. Type a four-digit code, and then re-enter it for security and accuracy. Whenever you alter a setting in Screen Time, you will have to enter this code.
  4. To disable the code, repeat the steps above, and you will find that Screen Time Passcode has changed to Change Screen Time Password. By a single Press, either you can change the passcode or disable it entirely.

How to turn off Screen Time

  1. Launch Screen Time.
  2. Scroll all the way down to Turn Off Screen Time; it is available in red letters.
  3. Using the passcode that you used while setting up Screen Time, turn it off entirely and you will be free.

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