How to Enable Subtitles on Netflix

If you are playing a series or movie on Netflix, it takes only a little time to turn on subtitles on it. There are many gadgets which support Netflix subtitles. It is not compulsory that every serial or movie has a subtitles option, or not every movie or serial will support other languages instead of English.

The methods of enabling subtitles on Netflix are: 

  1. On PC and Mac
  • Click the video that you wish to get subtitles too.

With the help of your web browser, you can get subtitles to videos.

  • Navigate your mouse while the video is playing.

It will show the playback controls.

  • Press the Dialog tab.

The tab symbol is of a speech bubble. If you are not able to see this option, then the video you are watching now does not include any subtitles.

  • To choose your desired subtitles to use the drop-down menu.

As per the content, you will get an available subtitle. Your selected subtitles will be shown immediately.

If you are not able to see your chosen subtitle, try turning off the extensions for the application. If you use one of this to watch Netflix and still not to get any subtitles to work correctly, try to access another browser for Netflix. 

  1. iOS devises touch
  • Begin watching a video in your Netflix application.

You can turn on subtitles for any of your video that supports them.

  • Press the monitor to display the playback controls.

You have to do this when the video started playing.

  • Click the Dialog tab in the right menu of the screen.

The tab has an image of a speech bubble. It will show the audio and subtitle options.

  • Choose the “Subtitles” button if required.

It will show a list of available subtitles. The iOS device will show both the options.

  • Press the subtitles you wish to use and after that click “OK.”

Your video will resume, and the subtitles will start loading immediately. 

  1. Smart TV
  • Confirm that your Smart TV is in the updated version.

If you’re Smart TV is of an old version, then update it on the latest version.

  • Go to the subtitles menu while a video is playing on Netflix.

The methods are different for all as per depending on your model:

  • On Apple TV 2 and 3: Click and hold the center tab on the remote.
  • On Apple TV4: Go down to the touchpad on the remote.
  • Choose your subtitles.

Take help of the remote to highlight the subtitles. Click the Select tab on your remote to add the subtitles. 

  1. Roku
  • Choose the video that you like to watch.

As you are changing your subtitle options from the screen, don’t start to play it now.

  • In case you have a Roku 3, you can use the subtitle option while playback by clicking Down on the remote.
  • Press the “Audio and Subtitle” option.

This will be on the video’s Description window.

  • Select the subtitles that you like to use.

The video’s makers control the subtitles.

  • Click “Back” to go back to the description window.

The subtitles you have selected will be saved.

  • Play the video.

Your new subtitle selection will show on the screen.

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