How to Reset Night Light Settings on Windows 10?

Many Windows 10 users have been reporting that the Night light features appear grayed out in the Settings app. this Night light feature is the latest feature which has been introduced on Windows 10 starting with the Fall Creators Update to reduce the eye strain. Almost similar to the Night Shift from Android’s and Apple Night mode, then this Night light automatically reduces the blue light emitted by the display to help your eyes not to get fatigued when any users are working for long hours at night and also improve the sleep quality.

Below, we provide you complete guide which helps you in resetting the Night Light settings on the Windows 10 Creators update or later, when the option appears grayed out in the Settings app.

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Steps to Reset Night Light Settings on Windows 10

The night light is not working problem always irritating the users after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It might be caused users by different factors; such as incorrectly configured the system settings, due to the faulty display or graphics drivers, registry crashes, etc.

Before starting the process, we suggest you follow the instruction in their proper sequence, as it will make the process much easier. Here how to do it:

  1. Click together Windows + R keys on the keyboard to open Run command.
  2. Then, type regedit in the Run command.
  3. Click on the OK tab to open the Registry window.
  4. Now, browse the below given path:
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CloudStore\Store\Cache\DefaultAccount
  1. Under the “Default Account” key, right-click on it and then delete the following two keys (folder):
  • $$
  • $$
  1. Lastly, restart your computer system.

Once the process is completed, then the Night Light settings will be reset automatically, and the feature should start working again, now you need to configure it one more time.

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